The Constitution of Innovism - Chapters

Author: Daniel Pouzzner <>

Version: $Id: constitution,v 1.17 2007/09/19 17:53:28 douzzer Exp douzzer $

A Proposed Constitution for an Innovist state -- WORKING DRAFT -- "still to do" chapter contains extensive probationary corrections, revisions, additions, and notes. 57% of this document is notes on how the other 43% will be amended, and many of those notes amend earlier notes! There is much work to be done.

See The Innovism Primer for an overview.

Ideological Foundation

Principles of Construction

General Principles of State

Legislative Framework

Investigative Framework

Legislative Limits

State Revenue and Expenditure

Fundamental Rights of Humans and Animals

Human Maturation

Definitions of Crimes

The Enforcement System

The Workplace



Law Enforcement

The Military

Common Areas and Interests

Information Management

still to do

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