About Daniel Pouzzner

Updated 2015-Sep-18

I've worked mostly in the software and Internet industries, as a designer and engineer, and also often taking on responsibility for support and even production operation of the systems I delivered. In the first half of the 1990s, as an undergraduate at MIT, I was occupied with distributed computing software architecture including applied cryptography, artificial intelligence including machine understanding of human language, and brain/cognitive science including functional neuroanatomy.

Since then, I've continued working on distributed computing systems and the brain/cognitive sciences (mainly systems neuroscience and some evolutionary psychology). Professionally/entrepreneurially, I'm occupied with net-centric software architecture and engineering, and digital signal processing (DSP) for audio applications, chiefly mastering and radio broadcast. Pursuing personal passions, I made a long term study of history, law, sociology, semiotics, economics, political science, and military science, and have been applying the methodology of the system architect and analyst to the quixotic goal of improving and enlarging civilization. In 2006, my attention turned to neuroscience more formally, and presently (2015) I'm making great strides on some work that I hope to see published in a series of journal articles, starting next year.

I was born in 1972 in Connecticut, and my schooling before MIT was mostly regular public grade school. I'm a deist in the 18th century Enlightenment sense, an asymptotic realist, and a sort of erisian (I value elements of chaos as integral to life, health, and prosperity). Along these lines, years ago I hatched an ethic of my own, innovism, and I think it would be grand were it be practically implemented, though I'm not holding my breath!

I've lived in cities across the northern tier of the country, though mostly on the coasts. Obviously I lived in the Boston metro region while a student at MIT. (In the spring of 2006 I returned there and finished my degree in neuroscience.) In 1995, I moved to the San Francisco Bay area to work in the software industry. Two years later, I moved to Greenpoint Brooklyn following another opportunity in the software industry. After stopovers in Bayonne New Jersey and back in Connecticut, I returned for a year back in Cambridge, then for a time escaped the coastal metropolises by moving to Portsmouth New Hampshire. After three and a half years there, I relocated again, away from the coasts for the first time, for a five year stint in Moscow Idaho. After a year in Seattle, I've arrived in Houston Texas, for a return to the coasts and a big change of climate.

For nine years, from 1995 to 2004, I was an ovo-lacto vegetarian, but I've since returned to the omnivorous fold, first adding sushi, and eventually winding up on the paleo diet that I'm on now.

My current hobbies are road biking (torrid fifteen mile sprints, not languid distance), wilderness hiking, tennis, photography (working in the 6x7 format on Fuji color reversal film, with digital post-production), and electronics, though alas in recent years I haven't had time for much more than walks in the park.

I'm ecclectically musical, from a very musical family. I'm an occasional audio engineer and an audiophile of sorts (though not the hocus pocus kind).

The background image is from a 1997 photograph of a pre-renovation wall painting in Senior House, my old MIT dorm. The theme is, of course, Alice in Wonderland. The original source image can be viewed here.